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Drunky is a born loser. When God and the Devil make a cosmic bet and destroy his life, Drunky travels through Heaven and Hell to rescue the girl he loves and save the world.

Drunky Cast

The Adventures of Drunky is an R-rated animated feature film currently in production at Augenblick Studios. The film stars Sam Rockwell (Drunky), Jeffrey Tambor (God), Steve Coogan (The Devil), Nina Arianda (Fancy), Dave Attell (Belkor), and Tyler the Creator (Oscar). The supporting cast includes John Leguizamo, Noel Wells, Jon Glaser, Jay Pharoah, Abby Elliot, James Adomian, Larry Murphy, Rachel Butera, Jared Warner, and Randy Pearlstein. The film is being directed by Aaron Augenblick from his original concept. Augenblick Studios and Cartuna will produce. The Adventures of Drunky will be completed in 2017

Press for Drunky

"The Adventures of Drunky is the R-rated animated comedy we've been waiting for." –Gizmodo

"The Adventures of Drunky marks a new trend in independently produced animated features for adult audiences." –Deadline

"Our favorite animated barfly." –Animation World Network

The first feature film from Augenblick Studios not only boasts high stakes — just whether God or the Devil will control Earth — but a top-notch cast to match, too." –Entertainment Weekly

"It all sounds pretty insane." –Consequence of Sound

"Jeffrey Tambor as God? Steve Coogan as Satan? And Sam Rockwell as the man caught between them? Sounds like something we'd watch." –Empire

"Psychedelic, weird, and complex." –Bedford + Bowery

Behind the Scenes Video

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